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Key Services For Salon Owners & Their Teams At Salon Edge In Dublin

Recruitment for hair salons Coaching at Salon Edge in DublinTALENT MATCHING: At Salon Edge, we offer one-to-one tailored coaching to give YOU the help you need, whether you are a salon owner, a salon manager, hairdresser, trainee stylist or are thinking of opening a new salon.  Our aim is to help you reach your goals and realise your dreams.  We can do this by matching your needs to the right coach and finding the best package to suit your needs.   

RECRUITMENT MATCHING: While our talent matching service ensures you get the right coach for you, we also offer a recruitment matching service.  Salons who want great stylists, front of house, apprentices and managers simply need to complete a simple form telling us all about your salon and career possibilities.  Individuals seeking a new position will do the same, telling us a little about themselves, their ambitions, their qualities and what you're looking for.  


mystery shoppers for hair salons from Salon Edge Coaching in DublinMYSTERY SHOPPERS:  Is it time to find out how well your salon and your team are really performing?  We will send Mystery Shoppers into your salon to find out how well your business is operating.  You can then expect a detailed report back which explains what you are doing well and areas which need improvement.  

FINDING THE RIGHT SUPPORT:  It's important your salon runs like clockwork but it's just as important to have a professional website that brings new clients through the doors; online marketing to let people know about your services and promotions; iT services with a computer system that does exactly what you want it to; links to the best product suppliers; accountants; solicitors; insurance companies; human resources; and gas and electricity suppliers!  This is where our Affiliates Programme comes in.  We can introduce you to great companies who can help you shape your business, ready for success. 

Talent Matching At Salon Edge Coaching In Dublin

Anyone seen the film Jerry Maguire where the lead character pulls out all the stops to ensure his clients get the support, advice and training they want and need?  Well, we reckon Salon Edge is the Jerry Macguire for salon owners!   We will match the right coaches to you and your team members to set you up for success.  

Our coaches are the best in the industry, with years of experience.  Depending on your goals, we can match you with a coach who has risen to the top as a superstar stylist, or has grown their business into an award-winning salon group, or has developed an incredible team with the same vision and mindset as you... and much much more! 

Through a combination of one-to-one monthly coaching sessions and monthly live seminars, we can equip you with the tools, skills and mindset to achieve your dreams. 

Salon Owners

Coaching for hair salon owners at Salon Edge in Dublin

Let us help you prepare for the biggest step of your career. We offer one-to-one training that is tailored to your needs.  Perhaps you need help in improving team motivation, raising salon standards, delighting your customers, marketing your services...  We can help you structure your business to make it easier to run so you are set up for success and can start making some real money. 


Opening A New Salon

Help In Opening A New Salon Salon Edge Coaching in Dublin

Daunted by the prospect of opening a new hair salon?  Our talented coaches have the contacts and the know-how to help.  Listen to our advice so you can set create a culture of success from the start.  You want a salon that runs efficiently, with a motivated and skilled team.  Learn the best ways to get clients through your doors and to keep them coming back for more, with help from our coaches.  


Salon Managers

Coaching For Salon Managers at Salon Edge in Dublin

Perhaps you are a new salon manager who's climbed the career ladder but lacks confidence in your new role, or maybe you are a manager who's lost your mojo.  We can help you find your way or get your spark back!  Whatever your goals, let us know what you are struggling with so we can match you to the best coach for you.  We can help you get new clients, increase turnover, and build a fantastic team spirit.  By putting our tried and tested systems in place, you'll start to notice the difference within weeks.


Hair Stylists

Coaching for hairdressers at salon edge in Dublin

There are so many opportunities for stylists out there.  It's time for you to control your career and carve out the future you want.  We will match you with one of our inspirational coaches who can help you as you reach for the stars.  Perhaps you want to be the most successful stylist in your salon, or want to do TV & film work, or maybe it's time to get some awards under your belt.  Of course it's not good to be all work work work, so your mentor will also help you get an amazing work-life balance so you can control your destiny.   


Trainee Hairdressers

Coaching for hairdressing apprentices at Salon Edge in Dublin

It is so easy for trainee hairdressers to feel a bit 'lost', especially if they work in a busy or large salon.  Your Salon Edge coach will be on hand to guide you as you start your hairdressing career.  We can help you fulfil your dreams with one-to-one coaching.  We've been where you are and understand the challenges so let us give you some techniques and advice to help you with everything from fitting in with the team and building your own column of clients to dealing with difficult clients and reaching your ultimate goals.


How To Get Started

We have a number of excellent coaching packages designed for you no matter what stage of your career you have reached.  Perhaps you are a new salon owner who needs guidance on how to create a successful business, or an experienced salon manager who needs to feel inspired, or maybe a trainee hairdresser who's feeling a little lost as you start out on your career.  Whoever you are, and whatever your needs, Salon Edge's coaches can help.  Check out our Packages here.  For more information, please complete the form below and we will contact you.