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While we will always tailor our coaching to your needs, there are some areas that many salon owners, managers, stylists and trainees often ask us to help them with. Listed below are just some of the areas where we can offer support, guidance and help.  Of course, you may have a specific issue or problem that you would like us to address and that's exactly what our coaching programme is here for.  We will match you with a coach who has the right experience and is the right fit for you. Together you will discuss your concerns, issues and needs so we can help you in the right way!  

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Salon Rebranding

Have you lost your way with your current salon business?  Are you feeling tired, overcome and fed up with the whole experience of owning a hair salon?  We have the answers and can help you find your way again.  Our experienced coaches will listen to your needs and produce a 12 step plan so you can start enjoying your salon, your team and your business.  

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Opening A Salon

It can be exciting and daunting when you open a new salon.  If you are not sure what to do, who to contact or how to get started, we can help.  Our experienced coaches all started from nothing and have built businesses up to seven figure successes.  Our Salon Opening Package will help you open with the right team, get the right deals and have the right structures in place. 

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Training Structures

It's important to ensure you have the right structures in place so your team members can grow and develop.  If you are unsure about your in-house training or the way in which your team is structured, you can turn to Salon Edge for help.  We can help you put a structure in place for every member of your team which allows them to grow in line with the vision you have for them and for your business. 

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Increasing Turnover

Has your salon turnover plateaued?  The Salon Edge team can introduce you to our tried and tested systems, innovations and ideas to make sure your turnover starts to grow.  We can make sure you have the right systems in place including motivating your team to help you boost business.  We have plans to suit ALL salon sizes and can make a difference that you'll notice within weeks. 

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Structuring Wages

Not how to pay or how much to pay your Stylists, Front of House and Salon Manager?  Perhaps your team members are dictating to you what they should earn.  We can help you take back the power by giving advice and help on the right way to structure your team's wages.   It won't be long before you are giving your team the rewards they deserve WITHOUT you being held to ransom!

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Salon Systems

No-one wants a salon that runs inefficiently so why not let the Salon Edge experts help you set up so you are operating at 100% in every area?  Salon computer systems and iT solutions do not need to be confusing.  We can help you set up simple systems so your business works efficiently even when you are NOT there!  Our step-by-step walk-through will help you realise your salon's full potential.   

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So many salons struggle to find the right stylists, receptionists and managers.  We can help you with recruiting the right people so you can build your salon up.  We can even help you with the interview recruitment process and follow-up assessments once you've found your team members.  Salon Edge has a five step programme to guarantee a superstar selection and nurture a great ongoing relationship with your staff.   

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Dealing With Your Team

We all know that one 'bad apple' can upset the apple cart and that's no different in a hair salon!  If you have to deal with difficult staff members and are worried about how to control your team, we have some solutions!  Salon Edge's business coaches all have a wealth of hair salon experience and really do understand your issues.  We can help, advise and offer solutions to help you choose the right path for you, your team and your business.    

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Great Customer Service

Why open a salon if you cannot give your customers an amazing five star service?  We can help you lift your team and your salon to the next level with some easy-to-implement ideas that are cost-effective, and will help your salon stand out against your competitors. We even offer a Mystery Shopper service. Soon you'll see five star reviews pouring in and have more new clients as word-of-mouth recommendations grow.

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Inspirational Seminars

Let us inspire you and your team with our range of seminars which can be tailored to your needs.  These seminars can be held in your salon or at a venue of hoice.  They can last from two hours to a full-day and address a whole range of topics including hairdressing inspiration, how to get and stay motivated, team morale, salon standards...  Just tell us what you need help with and let us tailor a seminar around your requirements.  

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